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GTA 5 – Trevor


Trevor grew up in Canada, near the American border. Even as a child, he had a history of rage issues and violent impulses that ruined his attempts to fit into society (notably, it is implied that he, in a fit of rage, sodomized his hockey coach with a hockey stick). Besides that, he suffered numerous social problems; his father was abusive towards him, and often cruel, while his mother was overbearing and treated him with condescension. The first thing he found that he was good at and that he enjoyed was piloting. He entered the military to fly fighter jets, but a couple days before completing his training, he was given a discharge due to his mental instability.


After being discharged, Trevor committed petty crimes with no particular goal in mind. His first gig involved robbing someone who he incidentally knew, resutling in a postitive ID by that person, which landed him six months in prison (but served only 4). Once released, Trevor met Michael De Santa, and both men realized that they each had a flair for robbery, so Trevor decided to join Michael on various heist jobs. The duo became majorly successful in several in their “profession”. Over time, Trevor became a close personal friend of Michael, although Michael’s developing relationship with a stripper, Amanda, created some friction between them, due to Amanda’s outspoken dislike of Trevor. In spite of this, Trevor developed surprisingly good relationships with the couple’s children, who consider him their uncle, although Jimmy is understandably nervous around Trevor.


Trevor and Michael’s partnership remained successful, until they undertook a fateful heist in 2004, along side an accomplice of theirs named Brad, in North Yankton. While the heist initially ran relatively smoothly, the trio’s escape plan went south when they entered the rural town Ludendorff as the helicopter they would make their escape in was nowhere to be found. Instead, they were ambushed by FIB agent Dave Norton who fired at the trio, killing Brad and injuring Michael. Trevor refused to leave his friends behind and attempted to fight off the police despite being heavily outnumbered, but when the weakened Michael begged him to save himself, Trevor reluctantly made his escape.

As a result of the failed heist, both Trevor and Michael mistakenly believed the other one to be dead. Trevor managed to evade the police somehow and made a new life for himself in the rural town of Sandy Shores, San Andreas. There, he started a small criminal empire with his new-found friends Ron Jakowski – a paranoid conspiracy theorist, Wade Hebert – a juggalo, and Chef – a meth cook. The empire was named Trevor Philips Enterprises, which specialized in gun running and the manufacturing and selling of crystal meth. During Trevor’s time in Sandy Shores, he affiliated himself with high-ranking members of The Lost MC, including the club’s leader, Johnny Klebitz. However, their relationship was strained, as Trevor would occasionally have sex with Johnny’s girlfriend, Ashley Butler, much to Johnny’s understandable vexation.


Trevor’s Appearance

He is frequently seen wearing a plain and dirty white v-neck, ripped up dirty blue jeans or sweat pants and a pair of black boots to match. He is seen in one screenshot with a different outfit on – a jean jacket with a half buttoned up shirt along with a white undershirt and a pair of blue jeans to match. He also has several cuts on his face along with several tattoos (“CUT HERE” with the dotted line going across his neck, a bird beneath his ear, a dagger on his lower left arm, a flower on his upper left hand, a memorial tattoo of Michael Townley’s death and, the words fuck on his right fingers and you on his left fingers). Trevor has a very visible scar on his abdomen, it looks to be a knife wound. Trevor also has numerous sores or boils over his lower stomach and back; likely from his drug and meth addictions. Also, in some screenshots and during the second Grand Theft Auto V trailer, he is seen wearing a calculator watch on his left wrist. Trevor is average when it comes to weight and build.

He seems fond in buying cheap clothing from Binco and the Discount Shop, while he shows total disdain in buying clothes from Ponsonby’s.


Skills and attributes

Because he is a former military aviation pilot, he is skilled in both combat and piloting aircraft like helicopters. In the mission Game Informer saw, Trevor was the one that flew the team to the skyscraper they needed to get their target out of. In the aftermath, the team was pursued by law enforcement helicopters, he proved to be an able pilot under pressure. Trevor is also the master of greed, ambition, and insanity (along with Michael and Franklin), and is seen in many GTA V screenshots performing many challenging (and some illegal) stunts. Some of those stunts include base jumping, jet-skiing, murdering, property destruction, and getting chased by the cops.

Trevor has a special ability where he can go into a violent rage, while in this rage Trevor can take less damage or inflict more damage to enemies, he also has a special melee attack as well.



Trevor’s Grand Theft Auto Missions

Mission: Target Practice

Requirement: Successfully complete the “Nervous Ron” mission.

Location: Marina Drive, Sandy Shores
Mission: Fair Game

Requirement: Successfully complete the “Target Practice” mission.

Location: Bayview Lodge, Paleto Forest


Mission: Exercising Demons

Requirement: Successfully complete the “Reuniting The Family” mission.

Location: Mt. Haan Dr., Vinewood

Minute Men

Mission: The Civil Border Patrol

Requirement: Successfully complete the “Mr. Phillips” mission.

Location: Joshua Rd., Sandy Shores

Mission: An American Welcome

Requirement: Successfully complete “The Civil Border Patrol” mission.

Location: N. Calafia Way, Sandy Shores

Mission: Minute Man Blues

Requirement: Successfully complete the “An American Welcome” mission.

Location: Paleto Blvd., Paleto Bay


Mission: Grass Roots

Requirement: Successfully complete the “Three’s Company” mission.

Location: San Andreas Ave., Los Santos


Mission: Special Bonds

Requirement: Successfully complete the “Mr. Phillips” mission.

Location: E. Joshua Rd., Sandy Shores


Mission: Nigel And Mrs. Thornhill

Requirement: Successfully complete the “Friends Reunited” mission.

Location: Mad Wayne Thunder Dr., Vinewood Hills

Mission: Vinewood Souvenirs

Requirement: Successfully complete all previous Thornhill missions.

Location: Red Desert Ave., Los Santos

Mission: Vinewood Souvenirs – The Last Act

Requirement: Successfully complete the “Al Di Napoli” mission.

Location: Power St., Los Santos


Mission: Extra Commission

Requirement: Successfully complete the “Hang Ten” mission.

Location: W. Eclipse Blvd., Los Santos

Mission: Closing The Deal

Requirement: Successfully complete the “Extra Commission” mission.

Location: Little Bighorn Ave., Los Santos

Mission: Surreal Estate

Requirement: Successfully complete the “Closing The Deal” mission.

Location: Little Bighorn Ave., Los Santos

Mission: Breach In Contract

Requirement: Successfully complete the “Surreal Estate” mission.

Location: West Eclipse Ave., Los Santos


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